Hello, welcome to my blog!

I’m Aimee, a Psychology with Education Studies student at the University of Warwick. I’m now in my final year!

I started this blog in my 1st year of uni – A time where I really struggled to find my ground. Since then, this has been a little platform where I document the highs and lows (yet important lessons) of student life, and share some (hopefully) helpful advice which I’ve learned along the way.

Academically, I’m interested in language development, developmental psychology more broadly, and the impact of socio-economic status on developmental and educational outcomes.

I hope you enjoy reading/ watching my posts. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions or content suggestions through the ‘Contact Me’ page 🙂.

“Someone’s got to go out there and love people.”



Meeting Standards: Seld-doubt and Competition

This one is for all of the exhusted students out there who are still having to complete exams and have been given little to fall back on. You have all got this – remember the spiral staircase analogy and to do what is best for YOU. We’re almost at the end now, don’t give up! I know there’s still soemthing left inside of you!

During my time at university, I have realised how important guidence and access to resources are. Therefore, I have added a couple of resource sections on this blog (and working on some more for the near future). You can access these through the tabs located at the top of this blog. I hope that they will be of use!

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